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        Yunnan Provincial Cancer Center Founded in The Third Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University
        from:international exchange and cooperation upload:2016/8/12 11:17:44 PV:28684

        On August 12th, Yunnan Cancer Center was founded in The Third Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University and YunnanProvincial Cancer Hospital.

        The conference on the establishment was attended by Gao Feng, the vice governor of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government, Hao Jie, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the director of National Cancer Center, Li Malin, the director of Health and Family Planning Commission of Yunnan Province, leaders of Kunming Medical University including Party Secretary Yuan Bin, President Li Song, Vice presidents Dong Jun, Xie Baosheng, Wu Hongming and Li Lihua as well as leaders of departments at all levels of Yunnan province and the city of Kunming. Also at the conference to witness the establishment were leaders and experts from Sichuan University, West China Hospital, provincial cancer hospitals across the country, health and family planning commissions of cities of Yunnan province, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and foreign countries including the U.S. , Spain, Germany, and South Korea.

        The Cancer Recovery Association organized by cancer patients in the province sent some cancer fighters who were accompanied by over 600 faculty and students of Kunming Medical University to attend parallel sessions of the conference.

        Vice President of Kunming Medical University and Party Secretary of The Third Affiliated Hospital Wu Hongming presided over the conference. Deputy director of Health and Family Planning Commission of Yunnan Province Zhang Kuanshou announced the approval for founding of YunnanProvincialCancer Center.

        The president of The Third Affiliated Hospital of Kunming University and Yunnan Provincial Cancer Hospital Huang Yunchao delivered a speech on behalf of the hospital, saying that upon its establishment, Yunnan Provincial Cancer Center will help to plan the prevention of cancer in the province, build a province-wide mechanism for cancer prevention and treatment and coordination, propose norms and criteria for diagnostic and therapeutic techniques of common and frequently occurred cancers, and promote effective techniques in cancer prevention and treatment under the leadership of National Cancer Center, Health and Family Planning Commission of Yunnan Province and Kunming Medical University. Meanwhile it will coordinate the overall planning of cancer prevention and treatment in Yunnan Province, implement standard treatment plan of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and classification of treatment. It will trainspecialist physicians and general practitioners that fit to the high altitude of Yunnan province and border areas with multiple nationalities. It will also conscientiously carry out the standardized training for residents and specialists to ultimately curb the increasing of cancers in Yunnan and make due contribution to the health of people across the province.

        President Li Song spoke at the conference pointing out that oncology is a key area that the university strives to develop in its“13thFive-Year Plan”. The university will pay high attention to the construction of the cancer center and together with the affiliated hospitals, will do anything possible to support its construction and development in areas including fundamental research, facilities and equipment, public health, talent training, reforms in research and teaching etc. It will work with The Third Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University to lead in the arduous task of cancer prevention and treatment in the province.

        Li Malin, the director of Health and Family Planning Commission of Yunnan Province, fully recognized the great contribution made by TheThird Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University in the prevention and treatment of cancer in her speech and she hoped that after the establishment ofYunnan Provincial Cancer Center, the hospital would actively join and facilitate the national cancer prevention and treatment efforts, undertake the work allocated by National Cancer Center, play the leading role in registration, prevention, standardized treatment of cancer and antineoplastic drugs research, and become a platform where the wisdom of cancer prevention and treatment gathers, a base where talents are trained and clinical research is conducted, thus opening a new chapter in cancer prevention and treatment of the province.

        Academician Hao Jie congratulated on the establishment on behalf of National Cancer Center and Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences saying that the founding of this center is significant to the construction of a rounded nationwide network of cancer prevention and control which plays a great role in cancer prevention and treatment in China. He also said that Yunnan Provincial Cancer Center was located in The Third Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University which showed that this hospital had taken great responsibilities and played a significant role in cancer prevention and control of Yunnan. He hoped that by understanding the new situations of major diseases prevention and control in the country and following the Belt and Road framework, this center would work together with National Cancer Center under the guideline of China’s Three-Year Cancer Prevention and Treatment Action Plan to achieve new heights in national cancer prevention and control and make more contributions to China’s health care. 

        The opening ceremony was held at the conference when vice governor Gao Feng and director of National Cancer Center Hao Jie granted the plaque to the hospital and touched the crystal ball together with relevant leaders.

        The founding ofYunnan Provincial Cancer Center is a milestone which marks the beginning of a channel between national and provincial cancer prevention and treatment in Yunnan and the completion of a “three-level” system in Yunnan’s cancer prevention and treatment. It will be a huge boost to the further improvement and standardization in cancer prevention and treatment, cancer monitoring and screening, epidemiological study, scientific research and standard diagnosis and treatment in Yunnan. 

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