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        The Opening Ceremony for New Students of 2016 Batch Was Successfully Held in Kunming Medical University
        from:School of International Education upload:2016/9/1 20:58:44 PV:26796

            At nine o’clockof September 1, our university held an opening ceremony for new students on the playground of Chengong campus. The university leaders: Yuan Bin, Li Song, Li Shibi, Li Yan, Zhang Jun, Xie Baosheng, Wu Hongming, Xu Shaoqiong, Li Lihua were present. Heads of all departments, faculties, attached hospitals, the whole new students and some parents of them attended too. Yuan Bing, the chairman of university management committee hosted the ceremony.

            President Li Song made a speech at the ceremony. First heextended a warm welcome to the new students. Then, he introducedthe history, present condition, running and the main achievements of our university. He expressed his hope to the students. The first was cherishing high ideals and holding a strong sense of responsibility; the second was cultivating morality and tempering character; the third was having the courage to practice and innovate; the forth was being grateful and respectful to teachers.

            Shi Congchong, teacher of Stomatology school, He Qichen, student of pharmacology school, and Zhang Runyan, student of nursing school also spoke at the ceremony representing teachers, seniors and juniors.

            At the ceremony, vice president Xu Shaoqiong led all the new students through a solemn pledge to the Kunming Medical University flag.

            After the ceremony, university arranged a visit to history museum of Kunming Medical University for new students and give them entrance education about the university history, university situation, university discipline and regulations.

            In the afternoon of August 30, the new student parent representatives conference was opened in the meeting room of student assembly hall. The participants were Zhou Jia, the vice chairman, Xu Shaoqiong, the vice president, and heads of related departments and parent representatives of new students. Xu Shaoqiong hosted the conference.

            Zhou Jia, the vice chairman of university management committee, extended a warm welcome to the parent representatives and expressed sincere gratitude for the parents’ support for university work. He introduced the university background to the new student parents from the perspective of teaching, scientific research, education, foreign exchange, and construction of attached hospital, then he hoped to get the valuable advices from the parents. At the meeting, heads from different departments answered questions about teaching management, employment situation, logistics support and safety education raised by the parent representatives.

            After the meeting, the parent representatives visited the campus and university history museum, and then they put forward their advices according to a questionnaire. In conclusion, the parent representatives fully confirmed the university-running characteristics, university-managing concept and campus environment. They expressed they would cooperate with the university and supported its educational work.

            The new students’ registration was formally started on August 30 with careful planning and deployment in advance. For further promoting the two-level management between the university and its schools, the work of welcoming new students was shifted to each school, which greatly saved the students’ time, made convenience for new students and their parents, closed the distance between each school and its new students. At the same time, the university continued the “green passage” policy to ensure all the poor students wouldn’t drop out due to financial difficulties.

            It was reported that Kunming Medical University planned to enroll 3039 undergraduates of 22 majors from 31 provinces all over the country. In order to guarantee the medical and health talents in border areas, Kunming Medical University planned to enroll 250 rural oriented students who will enjoy preferential policies of free tuition, free accommodation and extra allowance for living expenses in 5 years, but return to their birthplace for the medical and health service after graduation.

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