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        • The 10th International Conference on Public Health Among Greater Mekong Sub-region Countries

        • Health Equity and?Response to Crisis

        • 1-3 November 2018 Kunming City,China

        WELCOME TO GMS-ICPH 2018

            On behalf of Kunming Medical University, I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all of you attending the 10th International Conference on Public Health among Greater Mekong Sub-Regional Countries (GMS-ICPH 2018).


            It is such a great honor for Kunming Medical University to host this forum of international significance in the field of public health. We just celebrated the 85th anniversary of our university. Founded in 1933, and after more than 8 decades of development, Kunming Medical University has grown into a comprehensive provincial university incorporating education, medical care, and scientific research. We have a strong foothold here in Yunnan and our influence radiates to neighboring regions. Medicine is our chief discipline, but we also stress multidisciplinary development. Into the future, our mission is to build Kunming Medical University into a high level medical university which is: first-rate in Western China, well-known in all of China, and influential in southern and southeast Asia. Currently, we have 3 campuses, 19 schools, 16 direct or indirect affiliated hospitals, 13,245 undergraduates, 2,983 postgraduates, 517 international students, and 6,366 faculty and staff members.


            The Chinese government advocates the “One Belt and One Road” initiative. The basic principle of this initiative is joint consultation, joint construction, and sharing. International cooperation within the health sector is of great significance. Kunming Medical University always puts a special emphasis on international communication and cooperation. GMS public health academic network is one of the paragons we have built. Officially founded in 2012 in Kunming, the network was based on the model set by Khon Kaen University a few years earlier. The vision of the GMS Public Health Academic Network is to achieve the highest possible level of health among the people and to promote health equity in the GMS countries. The network's mission is to enhance regional capacity to address major public health challenges through the delivery of education, research, and policy advocacy for the improvement of population health and for health equity in the region. Through the joint effort of all members, the network has gradually become an important and influential public health voice. The success of the GMS Public Health Academic Network in the past 6 years and in the foreseeable future are perfect confirmations of the ongoing and deepening cooperation in the field of public health between China and other Greater Mekong sub-regional countries.


            In 2018, the 10th GMS-ICPH is themed “Health Equity and?Response to Crisis.” In the coming two days, experts, faculty and graduate students from the Greater Mekong Sub-Regional countries will hold in-depth discussions on extensive topics related to this theme, including health equity and challenges, community health, control of non-communicable diseases and risk factors, surveillance and control of infectious diseases, health policy and management, human resources for health, and education reform in public health.


            In 2012, “Kunming Declaration” announced the establishment of the GMS Public Health Academic Network. After standing side by side and hand in hand for 6 years, we are more and more like a family. Today, in the birthplace of this continuously extending and prosperous family, I would like to say: welcome to Kunming Medical University again.



        Prof. LI Song, MD, Ph.D.


        Kunming Medical University

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